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Care & Maintenance Of Timber Flooring

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There are many benefits to choosing timber flooring. However it is important to remember that timber floors require correct care and maintenance.  There is always risk of water damage and scratching the surface of the floor,  whether it is Laminate, bamboo, engineered or hardwood floors.

Preventing Dents

All timber floor types are susceptible to denting. Dropping items as well as from uneven distribution of weight from furniture or other heavy objects can cause dents. Always make sure that care is taken to provide protection against dropping items. Felt padding should always be used underneath furniture. This will provide proper weight distribution which will ensure less risk of dents in the flooring.

Cleaning the Floor

There is less risk of scratching the surface of pre-finished materials. This is because the flooring does not rely on a sealant applied after the raw timber been installed and sanded. Instead, the pre-finished material is sealed when the planks are made.
It is recommended to clean the floor at least once a week using a mild detergent. NSFlooring recommends mix Methylated Spirit  with water 20/80 proportion. While the floor does not run the risk of being damaged by heavy chemicals, there is the chance that some of the heavier cleaners may eat away at the surface. Simply make sure to sweep and mop or use a microfiber mop attachment to clean the floors.
Never use an abrasive surface when cleaning the timber floor. The abrasive will scratch the surface and create a dull look to the floor. The scratches in the surface can also attract dirt which is difficult to get out of these grooves.

Humidity Levels

Humidity is always taken into account when installing timber flooring. Keep in mind that mild fluctuations in humidity levels can create a destructive effect. To prevent any problems, you may consider installing a humidifier in your home. By using a humidifier, the timber flooring will be able to have a constant level of humidity even when the external factors may cause fluctuations. By installing the humidifier in a way that the humidity is equal in all parts of the home or office, it is possible to protect the flooring properly. Do not pump too much humidity into the air as excessive levels in external conditions can cause your home to be waterlogged and create a negative appearance in your flooring.



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